First Discussion on the Sutras

So, by now perhaps you have journeyed into the first bit of the Yoga Sutras.  Maybe it is your first reading, or maybe you have read them many times.  The beautiful thing about such a text is that they always seem to provide some subtle tidbit of information, no matter how often we have seen it before, that will take hold in our minds and serve to support our paths.  Please share if this is true for you…which Sutra(s) stand out to you?




7 thoughts on “First Discussion on the Sutras

  1. Love book one, Sutra 4.
    Recognizing how caught up we get in our heads, and that “So by changing your mind you change everything.”
    What a beautiful reminder that I have everything I need. Just slow down busy woman, breath, and appreciate.

      • Along those same lines (also in book one): “Things outside neither bind nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that.” It’s a good reminder about the power of perspective.

        • Yes! Any situation can be a vehicle of liberation if we allow it to be such, or in turn may become a tremendous obstacle to overcome if we establish attachment or aversion to it.
          Thank you for your input, Melissa!

  2. I am enjoying this translation! Satchidananda has such a way with words and explanations. I am reading this translation along side another translation that I had read two years ago and I am feeling more of a connection to the sutras this time around. So excited for the book club and all that it will bring to us!
    I can’t bring to mind a favorite sutra. What I have taken away thus far is the beauty of practice as long as we have patience and devotion and faith along side it. That practice must go hand in hand with non-attachment. What is unattachment? Without personal desire! And with God, we must not have personal attachment or desire. That “even the desire for liberation is bondage”. So how do we go through life without desire?? Desire without personal or selfish motive will never bind you. How liberating!!

  3. I like what Michele said that, “Desire without personal or selfish motive will never bind you.”
    I’ve also read that “Addictions are the only cause of suffering.”
    It’s ok to have desires or wants, as long as when you don’t get what you want, you’re peace isn’t bothered by it, and of course, you’re not doing anyone else harm.

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