Living Yoga

DandelionsJust breath. Stretch into the unknown. Move towards stillness. Root down through the feet. Create space. All great stuff while on your yoga mat but what happens when you leave the candle glowing, oil diffused, and Kirtan filled room? Bam!! Traffic, obligations, bills, relationships, crime, pain, debt, worry, fear, self-pity, anxiety, greed, judgement. This part of our lives we have come to accept.
How do we bring yoga to this part of life?
By practice. By waking up. By committing to yourself. Commit to yourself through the eight limbs of yoga and you will wake up through practice.
We begin with the first limb which is the Yamas.
Ahimsa – Non-harming
Asteya – Non-stealing
Satya – Non-lying
Aparigraha – Non-grasping
Brahmacharya – right use of energy also celibacy (be mindful what you create)
Dig here first. Be mindful of the Yamas only because the repercussions can be detrimental to one’s wellbeing. There is no right or wrong, just consequences. I love this concept because there is no, “Don’t lie or steal” only be mindful of these five yamas. And the yamas all relate to one another. For example, be truthful as long as it is not harmful. Have sex, whether married or not, only if the other yamas are present. Lying (thinking of someone else while in the act?) and stealing (ones innocence?) or harming (cheating?) for the act of sex will have repercussions that will affect not only your partner but YOU as well.
We begin with the Yamas in YOU through
So begin with the Yamas in your thoughts. Are your thoughts harmful? “You’re so stupid”. Are you lying to yourself? “You can’t get that promotion”. Are you stealing from yourself? By wasting time in self-doubt, pity, and fear? Are you holding on to that one story? You know the one you grasp onto. Are you using your energy wisely? Are you mindful of what you create in your mind?
Dig here first. In your thoughts. Word and Deed will naturally follow. We live in harmony when thought, word, and deed are in alignment. Dig first in your thoughts.
It’s a lifelong practice. Believe me, you will fail but continue to practice just like you do on your mat. Begin with one yama at a time. Start with Satya, non-lying then move on to the others. Make that commitment to yourself and don’t worry about the end result. Live in the moment and in this moment you choose not to lie to yourself. Don’t worry about 5 hours from now. Stay in the Yamas NOW. Tomorrow will take care of itself. It always does!

Join me in this lifelong journey of YOGA



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