I sit alone on a deserted beach and watch the waves crash onto the shore.  The sun is warm on my shoulders and the breeze from the ocean is cool and refreshing.  As the waves begin to gently reach towards my feet I realize that it is I who is drawing them towards me with my breath.  If I take small shallow breaths, the waves break early on the sand and quickly recede back to the vast ocean.  If I take a long, slow, deep breath the waves slowly comes to shore and tickles my toes.  My long exhale draws the smooth wave back gently to where it came from as the next wave begins to swell.  The more deeply I breathe, the more controlled the waves become.  As I begin to pause between the breaths, I can feel the energy from the wave swirl throughout my warm body.  The movement of energy begins to flow through places within me that are tense and frozen.  Each pause between the breaths becomes more important than the next.  I begin to settle into the pauses and soak up the energy pulsating throughout my body which has become my temple.  My awareness suddenly shifts back to the beach where the sun has set and a full moon has risen in the east and I realize that I am not alone.  Others have joined me to draw from the same energy source of this vast blue-green body of water.  The waves look different for different people.  Some waves are small and others are long and reaching.  Some people don’t even notice the ocean or the effect they have on it.  But they are here and we are all the same, seeking the same ocean to draw from, to give to.  I begin to offer my exhale to others around me as I know I will take my next inhale from them.  The ebb and flow of energy around us is a beautiful rhythmic dance of the cosmos.  My soul begins to move to the gently sway of enchanting music I hear in the distance.  The more aware I become, the louder the music is to my entire being.  Listen.  Can you hear it?

~Michele Annette