New Yogi

I have wanted to write this blog for over a month now. As a fairly new yogi, I’ve struggled with what I could possibly contribute.  I sometimes feel overjoyed with what yoga has brought into my life; I have found it difficult to put into words.  Each class I take I leave with a new found feeling of peace, calm, and gratitude that stays with me throughout the rest of my day. Although I have dabbled in yoga through my home workouts and at my local community center for about a year, it wasn’t until I tried DragonFly this past spring on a Living Social Special that I fell in love with it.  Last week I had the pleasure of taking a flow class with Cypress and she started the class with an emphasis of thinking of yoga as your home.  And there it was–DragonFly has become my new home, my new sanctuary!

Michele, the studio owner is extremely down- to-earth; she has the most gentle, warm, and kind spirit. That energy is present the moment you walk into the studio.  All the instructors are simply wonderful, I think I’ve now practiced in just about all the classes that are offered, there is something for everyone.  What is beautiful about this studio is that there is an emphasis on more than just the physical workout; there are constant reminders of what yoga is truly about. Regardless if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, the instructors at DragonFly are nonjudgmental and enthusiastic about sharing their practice with others.  Yoga, has helped  me to tap into my inner spirit, it continues to be an awakening experience.

I find myself not only planning my day around when I can work a class in but also really looking forward to seeing my new yoga family, my new home.  I have met so many wonderful women (and men) who are doing awesome work in our community.  It is inspiring to be surrounded by other yogi’s who care as much as I do about not only their own physical and emotional wellbeing, but also about the wellbeing of our community and the much larger world that we live in.  I hope that if you are reading this contemplating whether or not to try a class at DragonFly that you choose to do so! Namaste.

An invitation to a Fall Cleanse


As the first signs of Fall approach I am reminded that all things change.  As the weather starts to shift and trees begin to brighten we get excited for the transformation.  As we prepare for this time of year by cleaning out our closets to make room for our fluffy sweaters and put away sandals and bring out our boots (awwww boots!), we need to be aware of clearing out our bodies as well.  The transformation of weather brings about external transformation as well as internal transformation. So friends, it is time to cleanse!

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and is a wonderful way to get to know yourself.  There are three constitutions or doshas and we are all a combination of all three.  There are specific diets for the different constitutions and specific cleanses to balance the body.  My main dosha is VATA (3) which is governed by space & air.  PITTA (3) is my second dosha which is governed by fire & water, while KAPHA (1) is governed by water and earth.  For those of you who know me well, you can see that I am Vata in appearance as well as in behavior.  Once I started studying Ayurveda, I began to accept myself and understand myself a bit more.  If my doshas are out of balance I behave and feel a certain way. However, if I live a lifestyle and eat a diet that keeps my doshas in balance then I feel great!  The same is true for my yoga practice as my practice can throw my doshas out of balance.  As this Saturday is the Fall Equinox where there are equal day and equal night, lets embark on an Ayurveda cleanse to bring balance to our lives.  I invite you to join me in a fall cleanse!  Let’s support each other as we journey towards balance together!

Do you know your dosha?  Have you seen a Ayurveda practitioner?  Are you interested in joining me for a fall cleanse?  Well, since we are all different in our doshas (pitta/vata/kapha, vata/pitta/ kapha, kapha/pitta/vata, and so on) and will need different diets and herbs to cleanse, I have invited an Ayurveda practitioner, Carmen, to come to the studio on Sunday, October 21 at 11:30 am to give a talk about Ayurveda and offer specific cleanses for each of us.  There will be more information at the studio and website soon.  So as you begin to clean out your closets to make room for fall clothing, think about how you may begin to clean out your body to prevent build up of toxicity during the winter months.

Shanti, shanti, shanti,


First Discussion on the Sutras

So, by now perhaps you have journeyed into the first bit of the Yoga Sutras.  Maybe it is your first reading, or maybe you have read them many times.  The beautiful thing about such a text is that they always seem to provide some subtle tidbit of information, no matter how often we have seen it before, that will take hold in our minds and serve to support our paths.  Please share if this is true for you…which Sutra(s) stand out to you?